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Domiciliary Equipment Service

Domiciliary Equipment Service

Frequently Asked Questions


I already have equipment from DES, what happens with it when I transition to the NDIS?

You can retain the equipment for as long as you need it, with NDIS funding only required for the ongoing repairs and maintenance, and replacement when required.  

When you are having your planning meeting, you will need to advise them of any equipment that you have so that the funds for any future repairs and maintenance are included in your plan.

How do I get my equipment repaired?

At present you can arrange repairs or maintenance by calling DES repairs, 1300 130 302. DES has an emergency after-hours service that is available outside of business hours and on weekends. For more information go to our page on repairs.

Who pays for repairs and maintenance?

The cost of the repair or maintenance will be funded from your NDIS plan. Invoicing arrangements will differ, depending whether your plan is self-managed, plan managed or agency managed.

For major or high cost repairs or maintenance a quotation may need to be provided to the NDIA for approval prior to the repair or maintenance being carried out.

Can DES see my plan?

No. DES does not have access to view participant’s plans via the NDIA portal. DES can only see areas of the portal that are relevant to its business. DES relies on the NDIA planners, assessors or participants to confirm that requests have been approved.

Sometimes DES might ask you to send through the relevant parts of your plan to help to get the order processed.

Does DES use up my clinical hours from my plan?

No, DES does not provide any clinical services that use your capacity building funding.

What happens when I don’t need the equipment anymore?

If you no longer need a readily available loan equipment item supplied by DES, then please call us on 1300 295 786 to arrange for it to be collected.

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