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Domiciliary Equipment Service

Domiciliary Equipment Service

Follow up and Review

Follow Up

Following delivery or installation of equipment or home modifications, it is an expectation that follow up contact is made by the assessing therapist to ensure that it is meeting the person's needs. Any issues with the item or home modification need to be identified within the first month post-delivery. This process allows any clinical issues to be addressed by the assessor without a subsequent request form being needed.

Follow up can be completed via phone call (low risk, basic items) or home visit (high risk or complex items). If you are unable to complete a follow up check of the item, please advise DES so that alternative arrangements can be discussed.


Review is a process that is encouraged after a person has had their equipment for a period of time. It helps to identify any problems with either the function of the equipment, how it is being used by the client, or if the item requires replacement. These problems may result from changes in the client's condition, ability of the client to use the modifications, a change in their living situation, or deterioration of the item.

Domiciliary Equipment Service encourages prescribers to check with any client they have contact with if they are having any problems with their equipment, so as to avoid putting a person at unnecessary risk.

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