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Domiciliary Equipment Service

Domiciliary Equipment Service


You must have your needs assessed by a suitably qualified allied health professional, and they need to submit all paperwork to the DHS Equipment Program (currently based at Domiciliary Equipment Service - DES).

If you are requesting an item of equipment or home modification, or you are having difficulty using equipment currently provided, contact your service provider to arrange a health professional to assess your clinical needs.

Who can do an Assessment?

Any allied health professional with the right discipline for the item being requested can prescribe for eligible clients. The in scope list identifies which discipline can prescribe for each item type.

Minda Disability Choices (formerly ASSIST Therapy Services) continue to provide assessment services for clients living in metropolitan Adelaide on behalf of the DHS Equipment Program. They can be contacted to arrange an assessment.

Alternatively, clients can arrange an assessment (which may incur costs to the individual) via:

  • a Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan through their GP
  • a private therapist (health insurance or self-funded)
  • the Commonwealth My Aged Care Programme (people aged 65 and over only), or
  • SA Health or Country Connect.

What is available through the DHS Equipment Program?

In Scope Lists are the lists of equipment or home modification types that the DHS Equipment Program has endorsed for supply when a client meets the Program's eligibility criteria.

The lists include information on assessor requirements, if delegate sign-off is required, and if any additional criteria and screening tools apply.

The Equipment Item Types and Definitions (XLS 80.5 KB) document provides a consolidated list of the equipment with definitions of each item.

Each equipment and home modification type on the In Scope List lists relevant documents that support the prescription process.

Note that all Category 2 items must be submitted with a Delegate Approval Request Form (DOCX 106.3 KB) and supporting documentation.

Selecting Equipment or Home Modifications

Selecting the most suitable item with the right measurements, features and accessories can sometimes be difficult. A number of information sheets have been developed to support assessors in the assessment of equipment and home modifications. Find further information on the assistive technology selection page.

There are multiple equipment and home modification documents which can assist in the appropriate selection and prescription of equipment or home modifications.

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