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Domiciliary Equipment Service

Domiciliary Equipment Service

What to expect when you come to the first appointment

Whether you are attending an appointment with a clinician or you have completed a self-assessment form, we will need information on your function, your home environment, and what you use your equipment for, to make sure that we can best meet your needs. You are welcome to bring in photographs or video on a smart device to show us your home environment or any other environments that you need to access in your wheelchair.

The first step is to have a discussion with you, your carers and clinician about all the information that is relevant to you and your situation. This will help to set the goals that are important to you to best meet your mobility and seating needs.

A comprehensive assessment will be completed. This may include:

  • looking at your current seating system and posture in your current mobility device (if applicable),
  • with your consent, a physical evaluation to take precise body measurements and assess your movement to assist in getting the best solution for you

At the end of this initial assessment, a mobility and seating plan and recommendations will be discussed and written down. Once you are ready, we will ask for your agreement to proceed.

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