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Domiciliary Equipment Service

Domiciliary Equipment Service


There are multiple ways to gain support when selecting equipment and home modifications for a person.

Supporting Documents

To assist with the selection process, there are a number of documents available to support prescribers and provide guidance around completing an assessment, taking measurements and determining features.

All documents are classified under on of the following document types:

Clinical Considerations

The Clinical Considerations provide information on key factors to consider such as the safety and functional impact of various features for the user and/or family and carers.

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets contain general information for users about the use, set up and precautions when using that type of item.

Assessment Forms

Assessment Forms set out all information that should be gathered before selecting an item, and the features that are needed for that item.

Specification Forms

Specification Forms provide further detailed information on the size, capacity and functional requirements of a product being ordered through DES. These should be used in addition to an appropriate prescription form.

Other Reference Documents

There are other documents also listed which may include information on Australian Standards, other assessment documents, product comparison tables, and safety precautions specific to equipment types and templates for home modifications.

Clinical Support Officers

Domiciliary Equipment Service (DES) has a team of Clinical Support Officers who are available to discuss technical information about equipment items regularly held in the warehouse. They may be able to offer support to health professionals in understanding the differences between equipment options and key considerations before proceeding with selection of an item.

Independent Living Centre

The Independent Living Centre (ILC) has a team of health professionals who are able to provide free information and advice on equipment, technology and techniques available to support people improved their quality of life and live as independently as possible in the community. Find out more information about the ILC.

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