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Domiciliary Equipment Service

Domiciliary Equipment Service

Follow Up and Review

Once equipment or home modifications have been delivered or installed, it is important to remember to check that the item(s) are meeting their intended purpose, that the person is able to safely use the item, and that any questions they have about how to use it have been answered. Sometimes a person's abilities change, or their environment changes and the items they have need to be reviewed.

If an individual's equipment or home modifications are funded by the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion Equipment Program, more information on this can be found on the Prescribing and Ordering for the DCSI Equipment Program page.

Follow Up

Follow up of any equipment or home modification provided is necessary to ensure that the item issued to a person meets their needs and can be used appropriately and safely. This allows  any clinical issues to be addressed quickly and to ensure the person and their carers using the equipment are not put at unnecessary risk in the event the item is not suitable, or is not being used safely.  This may be completed via phone call or follow up visit, depending on the complexity of the item provided.


Review is a process that is encouraged after a person has had their equipment for a period of time. It helps to identify any problems with either the function of the equipment, how it is being used by the client, or if the item requires replacement. These problems may result from changes in the client's condition, ability of the client to use the modifications, a change in their living situation, or deterioration of the item.

Domiciliary Equipment Service encourages prescribers to check with any client they have contact with if there are having any problems with their equipment, so as to avoid putting a person at unnecessary risk.

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