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Domiciliary Equipment Service

Domiciliary Equipment Service

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What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology is the collective term used to describe any device, system or design that allows an individual to carry out tasks that they would otherwise be unable to do, more easily or safely. Other terms used on this website may be equipment, home modifications, products or items.

Assistive Technology ranges from basic items which may be easily chosen by an individual, to complex items requiring significant discussion and support to select the most appropriate option.

What services does Domiciliary Equipment Service provide?

Domiciliary Equipment Service (DES) procures, stores, repairs/maintains and delivers rental equipment to people in the community on behalf of many funding programs.

Loan or rental equipment that is supplied by DES is tracked, repaired, maintained and replaced as needed, and collected when no longer required. Further information can be found on the About Us page.

The following pages provide information that assists with the supply of equipment and home modifications, as well as supporting the ongoing management of assistive technology.

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