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Domiciliary Equipment Service

Domiciliary Equipment Service

For LSA clients - transfer of equipment ownership

If you are a Lifetime Support Authority (LSA) participant, and have equipment provided through DES, you will have received a letter from DES and the LSA in August.

Due to DES service changes in 2020, DES is offering to transfer the ownership of equipment to you.

Taking ownership of this equipment is free.

LSA will be responsible for funding the ongoing repair and maintenance of the Equipment, in line with the LSA Rules and necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support.

You continue to have a responsibility to use the Equipment in a safe manner, in accordance with its operating instructions. If you no-longer have operating instructions, we have a range of equipment fact sheets.

Unless the Equipment has been supplied with a written notice confirming it has been tested for electrical safety and found to be electrically safe, you should assume it has not been tested.

By accepting ownership, DES will cease to be liable for any future claim, loss, damage or expense in relation to the Equipment.

If you accept ownership, please keep a copy of ‘Your Equipment Ownership Record’ attached to the letter you were sent.

If you do not wish to take ownership of any of the equipment or have any queries, please contact DES on 1300 130 302.

Your future equipment needs

The LSA will establish contracts with relevant suppliers or repairers directly so that you can arrange any necessary repairs.

If you have future equipment needs, please discuss this with your Service Planner at the LSA.

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