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Domiciliary Equipment Service

Domiciliary Equipment Service

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Domiciliary Equipment Service (DES) is a business unit of the Department of Human Services (DHS) and was originally established in 1996. Currently DES manages the equipment and home modification needs of more than 15,000 people in South Australia.

DES is a major supplier of rental equipment in South Australia and a leader nationally in the  provision of equipment and home modification services to assist people of all ages to be independent at home and in the community.

Equipment provided by DES is on a fee for service rental basis, to support the operations of other government departments, not for profit community care agencies, as well as a number of private hire clients throughout South Australia.

DES provides services to a variety of programs, each of which has their own eligibility and assessment requirements to fund clients accessing equipment and home modification services. See the Funding Programs page for further details.

The DES Service Model

DES provides a full range of equipment functions including procurement, warehousing, dispatch, delivery and installation, repairs and maintenance, collections and returns.

A team of client liaison officers and clinical support officers manage all enquiries from agencies and clients.

The DES Equipment Service Model is described in the text following.The DES Equipment Service Model demonstrates the cycle  of equipment supply to our customers. Where possible, items are purchased in bulk to reduce overall costs, stored and offered as a readily available solution. If these items are not suitable to meet an individual need, then either a specific item may be purchased for that need or an item may be modified or customised to suit. Items are then delivered and installed, and repairs are offered as needed while the item is in use. When the item is no longer required, it is collected and, if deemed viable, it will be cleaned, maintained and made available for another person with a similar equipment need.

The features of the DES equipment model include:

  • Refurbishing items from a single, large pool of equipment to lower costs
  • A comprehensive online catalogue for ordering more than 400 readily available items
  • Clinical expertise to assist agencies to determine their clients' equipment needs, and select the equipment needed
  • A quality risk management system that ensures all equipment is pre-evaluated, tracked and provided ready for use
  • Trained delivery staff to ensure items are installed appropriately and clients and carers are educated in their safe use
  • Maintenance checks on items prior to provision
  • A repair service for loan items in the community
  • A wheelchair and seating service for customised needs
  • Activity reporting for agencies supporting large numbers of clients
  • The expertise, experience and infrastructure to provide a state-wide service
  • Incident monitoring and investigation.

DES also has service agreements with several major external agencies who provide Home Care Packages to aged care clients under the Commonwealth's Consumer Directed Care funding model.

Arrangements can be made with any external provider servicing clients with Home Care Packages for their individual equipment requirements. Where clients have existing DES equipment items and are transferring to a new package provider, they may be able to retain the very same equipment items with transfer undertaken by DES to the new package provider seamlessly.

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