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Follow up and Review

Follow Up

Following delivery or installation of equipment or home modifications, it is an expectation that follow up contact is made by the prescribing therapist to ensure that it is meeting the person's needs. Any issues with the item or home modification need to be identified within the 1st month post delivery. This process allows any clinical issues to be addressed by the prescriber without a subsequent referral being needed.

Follow up is provided by a prescriber for all assistive technology issued to DCSI clients either via phone call or home visit.


Review is a process that occurs after a person has had their equipment for a period of time. There are three types of reviews – general, clinical and mechanical/maintenance – each type of review has a unique purpose to ensure ongoing safety of equipment use and to manage the risk of any injury to a client or carer.

General Review

A general review is completed to identify any problems with either the function of the equipment or how it is being used by the client. It is recommended that this is completed annually, where possible.

Clinical Review

The clinical review is completed by a relevant prescribing therapist when any safety or functional problem with the use of the equipment has been identified by the client, carer or staff member. These problems may result from changes in the client's condition, ability of the client to use the modifications, or a change in their living situation.

Mechanical / Maintenance Review

A maintenance / mechanical review of the equipment item allows a check on an equipment item to ensure it is in good working order or to arrange any necessary repairs.

Relevant Documents

The following documents outline procedures for completing follow up or review of equipment or home modifications.

Follow Up


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