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Domiciliary Equipment Service

Becoming a Prescriber

Internal Prescribers

Allied Health Professionals and Registered Nurses from Disability and Domiciliary Care Services from the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI), Novita Children's Service (Novita) and Minda Inc can prescribe equipment and home modifications relevant to their discipline for eligible  clients.

Approved Prescriber Levels

Each of the equipment and home modification types have differing prescriber requirements, depending on their type and complexity. This information can be found in the Equipment In Scope List (XLS 424.0 KB)and the Home Modifications In Scope List (XLS 277.0 KB).

Approved Disciplines

Different equipment and home modification types may only be prescribed by approved disciplines. These are outlined in the respective in scope lists.

Orientation and Category 1 Approvals

Internal prescribers must complete a mandatory orientation process, including attending a training session held at Domiciliary Equipment Service (DES).

Once their orientation is completed, they are approved to prescribe most Category 1 equipment and home modifications without further delegate sign-off. If there are any changes to prescriber details such as moving teams or transferring to another service this updated information needs to be provided  to DES.

Item Specific Approval

Some items require a higher level of approval for a person to prescribe them.

Prescribers from DCSI and Novita can achieve "item-specific approved prescriber status" for items by demonstrating their skills when completing three (3) assessments supervised by someone who is already an approved prescriber. If staff are new to an internal service but have relevant prescription experience,  they may be eligible for recognition of prior learning and be approved by their senior delegate to become an approved prescriber to prescribe specific types.

External Prescribers

In order to maximise access for clients and facilitate discharge planning, allied health professionals in agencies other than DCSI, Novita and Minda Inc can prescribe equipment and home modifications on behalf of their clients seeking to access the DCSI Equipment Program. These health professionals  are, for the purposes of the DCSI Equipment Program, called "external prescribers".

There is no registration process for external prescribers. All prescriptions completed by external prescribers are sent via an internal agency. Where items need "Item Specific Approved Prescriber Status" this is checked by an internal clinician with approval for the item being prescribed.

The DCSI Equipment Program and DES Orientation Session for external prescribers is not compulsory but highly recommended for any clinician prescribing for the DCSI Equipment Program.


Training is available to support prescribers in learning relevant information to support best practice and accurate prescription of various equipment and home modifications.

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