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Different items of equipment have different levels of approval required before it can be supplied to a client. 

Category 1 and Category 2 Equipment

Category 1 items can be prescribed by internal prescribers without further approval.

Category 2 items must be signed off by an authorised delegate from an internal service.

Delegate Approval

A delegate is a person authorised by the DCSI Equipment Program to approve the need for, and the priority to supply a Category 2 equipment or home modification item(s). This is usually a Team Leader or Team Manager. 

All Category 2 items must be signed off by an authorised delegate before they will be processed.

Prescriptions from External Prescribers

All prescriptions from external therapists must go via an internal agency for checking and where the item is Category 2, be signed off by a delegate.

The following documents outline the procedure for accepting prescriptions from external prescribers. 

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